We have a few major announcements to make. And don't forget, the next claim is in 20 minutes.

27 Apr 2023, 17:44
This news has been edited 09 Nov 2023 at 01:50
We have a few major announcements to make! And don't forget, the next claim is in 20 minutes! šŸ„³ 1. SyncSwap: We've struck a long-term partnership with SyncSwap which will be co-announced tomorrow after we have transferred the $200k in liquidity from WAGMI to their DEX. The transfer will happen tonight. 2. Bridge: The bridge will finally come live tomorrow after confirmation from our 3rd party provider. 3. Team Unlock: The core team has decided to reduce and delay their entire token unlock happening on the 18th of May such that the impact on liquidity does not exceed 5%. 4. Mayfair: We've agreed with the Mayfair team to officialize the IDO date to be on the 3rd of May instead of 30th of April to make time for the upcoming marketing & socials growth campaign. Array team will host an AMA with Mayfair devs on the 30th 6 PM UTC. ā¬…ļø 5. 2nd Project IDO: something something Layer0 šŸ‘€ 6. Ambassadorship Program: We're quietly building a large network of official Array ambassadors in the background, the long-term program will host more ambassadors than Vela's own program. 7. Partnerships: We have two large partnerships coming up which we will announce soon, the agreements will help us diversify our revenue streams. ā—ļø Note on Price Action: We don't typically comment on price, but we expect our revenue & buybacks to start by the 4th of May to the tune of $300k. As always, investments are risky so don't invest more than what you can't afford to lose